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Logistics for e-commerce

E-commerce is a kind of business which is progressively gaining market share against other forms of traditional trading. Although this evolution is still far from its peak, it already represents a turnover which cannot be neglected. The main reason for this boom is the competitive advantages the e-commerce offers in front of other types of trade.

Among the most appealing advantages e-commerce offers we find the possibility to shop from home without timetable restrictions, an unlimited range of products at our disposal, anonymity when searching for information and obviously more competitive prices. For all these reasons the number of customers who prefer to shop directly on the internet rather than in traditional businesses has started to increase.

Nevertheless traditional businesses still count on some important weapons to compete against e-commerce. Immediate availability, personal attention and the fact that still nowadays customers find it more reliable is something to take into consideration although the trend is changing. By law the guarantees offered by the purchase on e-commerce should be the same as those obtained from other traditional forms trade.

To take advantage of this new world of e-commerce and have the chance to succeed it is essential to care about any single aspect that might help satisfy the clients' needs and, chronologically speaking, the last of these points is the receipt of the order. At that moment things like punctuality, the quality of the service, the presentation and the packaging of the goods that have been bought will be especially valued and will play an important influence on the final degree of satisfaction. It is especially important to avoid incidentals and if there are, the client must be immediately informed and provided with a fast solution.

Therefore it is absolutely necessary to devote time to prepare the orders and to do a follow-up of the process to keep a high standard of satisfaction among clients. Bearing in mind that nowadays it is only necessary a person and a computer to run a virtual shop, it is not uncommon to find organizational problems which can result in inefficient management or neglect to guarantee the expected quality of the service since getting the orders ready and informing the purchasers might imply a drop of attention from other tasks. The inconvenient can be even worse if the administrator and the warehouse operate from different premises.

The management of shipments is the most common problem e-commerce has to face. Due to operational reasons they may end up programming one day of the week to do the delivery service in order to save up time or because of lack of space in their warehouses to keep the goods they may have to cope with frequent stockouts. As a consequence, the same shipment process which in the worst conditions might take two or three days at the very most, wounds up taking one or two weeks resulting in a customer that has lost the patience. Delivery delays are the worst of the drawbacks regarding e-commerce, so keeping purchasers waiting for longer than necessary must be avoided.

The main thing to take into account is that besides a good price, the buyer wants both an efficient management of their orders and the fastest of the delivery services.

If after making a purchase on e-commerce the receipt of the goods is fast and the delivery conditions are satisfying you are not only working on the client loyalty but also doing a promotion job as it is quite common to find in this new sales channel, clients recommending some e-shops to their acquaintances because of a good experience they have had or advising against others.

For all the reason above mentioned Logística Vifra offers service adapted to the e-commerce needs which is much more complete than what is usually expected form a logistics warehouses. Our range of service covers the control of stocks as well as the receipt, classification and shipment of goods. We also feature controls of quality, handling and packaging, which can be corporative if required. Last but not least we can also proceed to enclose invoice for each one of the sales.

In this way the administrator of the online shop can focus on giving full guarantee on delivery dates and quality of service rather than on the routine related to logistics and shipments.

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